New Zealand & Italy are ready 4 the jelly week

It’s amazing how the jelly week offers new opportunities to work together all over the world.



When the italian coworking movement starts to talk about the jelly, the Cowo Managers wander how many italian towns will take part to the event, and wile thinking that, in a couple of weeks the #JellyweekIT spread over 7 cities: Torino, Alessandria, Tortona, Padova, Brescia, Firenze, Roma and Auckland.

Auckland? Is Auckland in Italy? No, but the magic of the jelly is that BizDojo from New Zealand join the Italian jelly week so we can work together, share project during the jelly and even after it!

The program of the Italian/New Zealand Jelly week for the 19 January is to define the Coworking Manifesto, find out the ways to improve international people exchanges and mobility between the worldwide coworking centres, restyle the jelly logo.

Moreover BizDojo has had the great idea to go on collaborate eve after the jelly week with a 6 month partnership including: global membership across our network, skype presentation to showcase projects, logo on the partnership page website, focused on open to partnerships between the spaces, video post from a resident on any topic.

Italy and New Zealand: Rocks! – Ambassador for the Italian Jelly week

Follow us on: #JellyweekIT

The Italian/New Zealand jelly coworking spaces were you can work for free are:

lab121 – Via Verona, 17 – 15121 Alessandria

TOOLBOX – Via Agostino da Montefeltro, 2 – Torino

Cowo Cowotrentotto Tortona –  Via Emilia – Via Calderai 38, Tortona (AL)

Talent garden – Via Cipro, 66 Brescia

Openstudio Coworking – Via Piave, 33 35100 Padova

22A/22 – Via della Mattonaia 22a/22 – Firenze

Spazio360 – Via Vacuna, 96 – 00157 Roma

The BizDojo – Suite 205, Ironbank 150 Karangahape Road – 38 Vivian Street Te Aro – New Zealand

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Informazioni su lab121coworking

L’Associazione di promozione sociale lab121 è collaborazione professionale e coworking: un laboratorio di idee ad Alessandria (15121). lab121 facilita il coworking, crea uno spazio per professionisti, imprese, enti profit e no-profit, all’interno del quale implementare idee, condividere progetti e competenze per generare lavoro.


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